Ukraine. Corn crop condition


Hot, dry weather dominated the country between August 11-18. Although the western and northern regions were exposed to abnormally high air and soil temperatures, the conditions were still quite favorable for late crops to complete growing, reports UkrAgroConsult.

This stemmed from sufficient moisture content in deep soil layers. The lack of topsoil moisture combined with high air temperatures caused daytime drooping of late crops, but it was not irreversible. In the rest of the country, air and soil drought expanded and aggravated due to hot, dry weather; soil moisture content continued falling. Particularly tough conditions for completing growth by late crops developed in the southern and eastern regions, where the one-meter soil layer became fully dry because of the absolute absence of precipitation and air temperatures above 35°С registered almost every day. At the same time, late crops in many fields ended their growing season prematurely. Due to deterioration of its general condition, some part of grain corn was harvested for silage.

Corn crops are mostly in good condition. Plants of corn hybrids are at the stage of early wax ripeness of grain. Mid-early hybrids are at milk ripeness of grain.

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