Ukraine. Corn crops are at the milk stage


Dry and hot weather set in across Ukraine in late July (30-31) and early August. Air temperatures reached a maximum of +30-340С, even +35-390С in the eastern and southern regions. As for growing late crops, the weather conditions were diverse over the last week. In some western and northern parts of the country, heavy downpours caused lodging of late crops, mechanical damages to plants and promoted the development and spread of diseases. In the southern and eastern regions, a protracted drought resulted in yellowing and drying of lower layer leaves in plants, even their withering.

At the same time, winter cereals have reached full grain maturity all across the country.

Tassel flowering and cob formation continue in most of corn plantings. Milk ripeness is occasionally reported, even waxy ripeness in some southern areas. Late-sown corn is still at the tasseling stage. Farmers are harvesting it for silage in some parts of the country. Under the impact of high temperatures, lower layer corn leaves turn yellow, corn plants wither, get infested by pests, and their leaves get damaged by hail and downpours.

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