Ukraine. Corn development lags behind due to soil moisture shortages


The shortage of productive soil moisture (especially in the 0-20 and 20-40 cm horizons) exactly during milky grain ripeness of cereals slows the inflow of macronutrients from leaves and stalk for filling the grain. As a consequence, further absence of precipitation may entail the formation of shriveled kernels, reports UkrAgroConsult.

In the opinion of scientists of the Irrigated Farming Institute, the absence of effective rain for a long time will entail faster ripening of early cereal crops, even premature drying of whole plants in some fields seeded after non-fallow predecessors. This results in underfilling of grains, they develop shriveled with a low 1000-kernel weight (23-35 g). Winter wheat is currently at the stage of waxy grain ripeness. The density of ear-bearing tillers ranges from ranges from 423 to 989 per sq. m depending on the predecessor, variety and other agronomic factors. Each ear contains 21 to 58 kernels. Winter wheat will come to full grain maturity on June 25-29, or a week ahead of usual time.

Corn plants are at the leaf formation stage (9-16 leaves). Their growth lags 10-15 days behind last year due to weather peculiarities after sowing (too dry topsoil). Pea plants have developed 12-14 leaves per plant in most areas. They are at the stages of flowering and pod formation.

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