Ukraine. Crop growing conditions deteriorate because of drought


It was mostly hot and dry nearly all over the country in late May. The average daily air temperature was 1-5°С above normal or close to it, varying within +16-22°С. On the warmest days, air temperatures peaked at 27-29°С, while the ground surface heated to +45-62°С. The lowest air temperatures were registered on the coldest nights at +7-13°С, while the ground surface and 2-cm elevation temperatures were as low as +5-7°С.

No precipitation occurred in Ukraine this past week. The air humidity value averaged 46.2%, though it hit the bottom below 30% on some days.

Hot weather with dry hot winds worsened growing conditions for almost all crops. In many areas, the topsoil dried up and soil moisture content in the one-meter layer decreased considerably. Productive moisture supply available to winter crops fell by 10-40 cm compared to the May 11-20 period. At the same time, plants are still in fair condition. They have already formed well-developed secondary roots and, apparently, take up moisture from deeper soil layers. However, crop condition will deteriorate if the dry weather persists, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to agrometeorological calculations, this year’s mass ripening of winter wheat grain is expected to begin on June 11-20 in the south and on June 21-30 in the rest of the country, i.e. 1-2 weeks ahead of the multi-year average.

Depending on the seeding time, corn is at the stages of 3-9 leaves, germination, and emergence. Its sprouted crops are mostly in good condition. Hail-damaged leaves are occasionally seen in the northern regions.

Large-scale emergence of soya is observed in recently seeded fields, while its plants are at the leaf formation stage in earlier seeded ones. Soya planting still continues in some areas. Sprouted crops are mostly in good condition.

Sunflower is at the stages of sprouting and leaf formation. The emergence of inflorescence is reported in single areas in the central, northern and southern regions. Planting locally continues in the northern and eastern regions.

More information on crop conditions and progress in planting in the countries of Black Sea Region is available to subscribers for weekly market report "Black Sea Grain" by UkrAgroConsult.



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