Ukraine. Current growing season one of the driest


Because of a long period of dry weather, the agrometeorological conditions were unfavorable for crop growth and development in the first half of June, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Variable weather was seen in Ukraine on June 1-13. The average daily air temperatures fluctuated significantly.  They dropped and rose sharply within 24 hours – from very cold nights in the first half of this period to hot days in its end. The average daily air temperature was close to normal in the eastern half of the country (15.5-17.5°С), 1.5-2.6°С below normal in the north (14.0-19.0°С), and 1.0-4.3°С above normal in the western half of Ukraine (19.4-22.9°С).

Minor rains, locally with thunderstorms, squalls, hail, occurred in most of the country. According to the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, precipitation rates had totaled mostly just 25-50% of normal as of June 10. Only in spots across the eastern, western regions and locally in the central ones this percentage reached 60-70%. The number of days without effective rain reached and even exceeded two months. Overall, experts believe this is one of Ukraine’s driest growing seasons since the beginning of observations, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Half the planted area of winter cereals and early spring cereals has inadequate soil moisture supply, while one-quarter of their plantings do not have enough moisture for yielding a complete crop of early spiked cereals. However, no abrupt large-scale deterioration of the condition of winter crops was observed. The only factors that prevented this were the wet beginning of the past spring and optimum soil moisture supply due to precipitation in the cold period. However, part of crops in the southern and south-eastern regions have been damaged by drought irreparably.

In general, winter crops in the country are primarily in fair and good condition.

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