Ukraine. Draught hampers preplant soil preparation for 2019 winter crops


On August 21-31, warm weather persisted almost all over Ukraine, except for dryness and heat in the east.  No precipitation occurred in most of the country on August 21-31. Relative air humidity averaged 40-63% that is 14-20% below normal.

Persistent rain-free, dry weather led to the expansion of soil and air drought, adversely impacted late crops completing their growing season, and hampered preplant soil preparation for 2019-harvest winter crops, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Soil and air drought is spreading and deepening. While productive moisture content as of August 1 equaled 12.6-20.1 mm (32-50% of normal) in the topsoil (0-20 cm) and 40.3-58.6 mm (28-40% of normal) in the 0-100-cm layer, depending on the predecessor, these values fell to 3-6 mm and 15-25 mm, respectively, by August 29.

Corn is at the stages of milk/wax to full ripeness. The weather conditions on August 21-31 contributed to accumulation of dry matters in kernels. Early-ripening and mid-early corn hybrids are at the stage of wax grain ripeness. Tentatively, farmers are planning to begin harvesting of corn hybrids from September 15, provided no heavy rain occurs on September 1-10.

Sunflower is at harvest maturity, and farmers have already begun harvesting it in some areas. Its plants are mostly in good, locally fair condition.

Soybean plants are at the ripening stage. Their condition is fair.

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