Ukraine. Effective air temperatures are not enough for successful vegetation of winter rapeseed


During the last week of October average daily air temperature was 1-7°С lower than the norm with  minimum lowered to  -0.5°С in the Western regions during the night, and to -10°С in the Central, in the Southern and eastern regions -  - 4..-8°С. Soil surface cooled to -6..-10°С. Precipitation of various intensity (0 – 24.3 mm) was seen all over the territory of the country, informs UkrAgroConsult.

During the autumn vegetation winter crops were well supplied with soil moisture, but lack of warmth was observed. Sum of effective temperatures higher than +5°С from the date of emergence (October, 2) till the reporting date made up 57.4°С, active – 122.4°С, meaning that it did not increase compared to previous week. The required sum of temperatures from rapeseed emergence till passing the limit below +5°С should equal 200-225°С for successful wintering.

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