Ukraine. Emergence of early-sown spring barley


Productive moisture supply in the soil under winter cereals after various predecessors was at an adequate and optimum level, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Plants of winter wheat are at the stage of tillering and nodal roots development. Plant density varies within 340 - 590 plants, up to 1400-2200 in the best fields. Plant height varies within 18-26 cm in well-developed crops and 9-13 cm in underdeveloped ones.

Winter barley was sown on an area of 881.5 Th ha and has emerged on 875.5 Th ha. 39.9% of its plantings are in good condition and 18.8% in poor and sparse condition. This crop was lost on an area of 1.1 Th ha (0.1%).

Fertilization of winter crops is going on in the country. As of March 30, growers had fertilized 5855 Th ha of winter wheat (97%), 857 Th ha of winter barley (98%) and 831 Th ha of winter rape (95%).

As of March 30, spring barley of earlier sowing time was at the emergence stage, while the rest of its plantings were still at seed germination. In spring barley fields, the productive soil moisture content is adequate both in the 0-20-cm and one-meter layers: 28-37 mm and 121-152 mm, respectively.

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