Ukraine exporting flour at a record pace


Ukraine exported 330 KMT of flour in the ten months of MY 2016/17 (July 2016 – April 2017), or 16% more than shipped abroad in the same period in MY 2015/16.

Traditionally, China remains the top importer of Ukrainian flour with an export share of 21%, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Ukrainian exporters continue stepping up flour deliveries to Africa. In particular, more than 28 KMT of flour was already exported from Ukraine to Angola, or almost four times as much as for the whole last season (7.5 KMT). Roughly 26 KMT was already shipped to Somalia against 1.9 KMT in MY 2015/16.

Apart from African countries, shipments to the UAE and Palestinian markets are still on the rise, too. Ukraine supplied roughly 21 KMT of flour to the UAE in the reporting period against 3.1 KMT in MY 2015/16. Exports to Palestine increased 27% to 28 KMT this season.

Taking into consideration the current pace of exports, Ukrainian flour supplies to foreign markets may exceed last season’s record of 344 KMT.

Detailed information on Ukrainian flour market is available in UkrAgroConsult's report "Ukraine. Wheat flour and bran market".




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