Ukraine exports 90% of organic products


Ukraine of the total sales of organic raw materials and products exports 90% of goods and sells 10% in the domestic market.

“The domestic market, despite the fact that it is developing, occupies 10% of total sales, while 90% of “organic” goods are exported. Among the leading countries consuming Ukrainian organic products are the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom,” Olena Berezovska, the president of the Organic Ukraine union of producers of organic certified goods said at a press conference in Kyiv.

In total, Ukraine exports its organic products to more than 40 countries. Among the exported organic crops are maize (99,500 tonnes in 2017), wheat (58,000 tonnes), barley (22,900 tonnes), sunflower (11,600 tonnes), and soybeans (10,900 tonnes).

“According to the Organic Standard certification authority, Ukraine has 585 operators in the organic market. When we summarize statistics data for 2018, the number of organic producers will exceed 600. Now 14% of the total number of operators are processors. Of the 80 processors, 55 sell their products in the stores of the country. The growth in the sales of organic products in the key networks of Ukraine during 2018 amounted to 5%. There are more than 400 items in the product range,” Berezovska said.

According to her, in 2018 a number of Ukrainian manufacturers received the status of “organic.”

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