Ukraine exports nitrogen fertilizers for $64 mln, imports for $288 mln in 2018


Ukraine in 2018 exported 341,442 tonnes of nitrogen mineral or chemical fertilizers (according to foreign economic activity code 3102) for $64.446 million and imported 1.358 million tonnes for $288.002 million.

According to the State Fiscal Service, nitrogen fertilizers were delivered to Turkey for $25.092 million, China for $10.3 million, to Romania for $7.584 million, and other countries for $21.47 million.

Last year, imports of nitrogen fertilizers were made from Belarus for $59.684 million, Uzbekistan for $46.235 million, Lithuania for $33.713 million, and other countries for $148.371 million.

Thus, exports of fertilizers last year halved, and in value terms fell by almost two times. Imports of fertilizers decreased by 22.1%, in value terms by 14.6%.

In addition, in 2018 Ukraine exported 40,209 tonnes of ammonia (code 2814) for $9.498 million, imported 441,607 tonnes for $137.333 million.

In 2018, ammonia was exported to Turkey ($4.54 million), Morocco ($2.414 million), Bulgaria ($1.921 million), other countries ($623,000). In 2018, ammonia was imported from the Russian Federation ($134.563 million), Belarus ($2.754 million), Germany ($14,000), and other countries ($2,000).

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