Ukraine faces a deficit of fat in the next two years


In the next two years the fat on Ukraine may be in short supply

About this Ukrainian edition of "Vesti" said the Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko. "The number of pigs is decreasing and soon will not grow. The chicken is grown for about a year, and the pig is 3-5 years. So in 2018-2019, the deficiency of fat domestic manufacturer can not cover," — said Doroshenko.

According to him, however, Ukraine can buy the fat in Poland or Germany — in the countries where they grow suitable breed of pig. The prices for these products will not grow, because in these countries, pigs are produced in the industrial way in which fat is cheaper than Ukrainian.

At present, the price of bacon in the Ukraine hit records, the newspaper notes. Some experts began to compare it with the most popular cryptocurrency in the world — the bitcoin exchange rate is growing rapidly. Over the past year Ukrainian fat prices have doubled — more than the rose itself pork.

According to the state statistics service of Ukraine by mid-November 2017 per kg of fat on average asked 68,11 hryvnia (147,4 RUB at the current rate) is 68% more than in the beginning of the year, while pork has increased in price over the same period only 28%.

In some regions, the cost of fat has increased by more than 100% in Odessa (101%), Mykolaiv (by 106%). An absolute record for the price of bacon has become a Kiev — UAH 125 (270,4 RUB) per kilo at the price of 110 UAH (238 rubles) per kilogram.

"Keep the pigs becomes unprofitable. One of the reasons is that the waste from the table becomes smaller, and the villagers have to buy expensive food. And the cost of production, including fat, has increased dramatically. As funny as this sounds, we eat around pigs," — said Doroshenko.


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