Ukraine failed to fill the quotas for sugar and barley exports to EU


Within the year 2018, Ukraine failed to fill the quotas for sugar and barley exports to the EU countries. This was reported by Nikolai Pugachev, the deputy director of the National Scientific Center Institute of Agrarian Economics, NAAS corresponding member.

“In total, about 40 quota-based commodity items were exported from Ukraine in 2018. However, in the list of products with fully filled quotas, there were neither barley nor sugar. Poultry meat, vegetable oil and a number of products from malt and starch were added to it. Although the situation with filling of quotas improved somewhat in 2018 compared to the previous year when most of the quotas were not filled even by half,” Nikolai Pugachev said.

Last year, Ukraine fully filled duty-free quotas for export to the EU for the following produce: wheat, corn, barley and flour, apple and grape juice, processed starch, malt and gluten, products of malt and starch processing, processed tomatoes, honey, butter and poultry meat.

Additional quotas for honey, processed tomatoes, wheat and corn were filled. At the same time, quotas for starch and garlic were not fully filled.

By the scientists of the Institute of Agrarian Economics, exports in 2019 to the EU will remain at the level of the previous year's indicators.

As previously reported, Ukraine had filled quotas for the export of sugar to the EU in the first calendar month of 2019.


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