Ukraine. Fair conditions for survival of winter crops


The weather conditions on February 1-10 were fair for survival of winter crops. They were dormant, except for a brief resumption of growth in the south, reports UkrAgroConsult.

In the eastern and western regions, winter crops stayed under a thick layer of snow. The warm snap made it compact and decreased its height almost by half to 12-15 cm registered now. On very frosty days, snow cover somewhat prevents low air temperatures from penetrating deep into the soil. However, if the thawed ground and quite thick snow cover persist for more than 20 days, they may provoke adverse developments such as rotting-out and snow molds.

Since the crops entered dormancy, they have been exposed to quite frequent thaws (four times) of various duration (7 to 17 days). This also exhausts plants and makes them less resistant to adverse winter conditions.

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