Ukraine. Fertilization of winter rape progressing at a slow pace


It was unseasonably cold on March 18-23. A cyclone swept across the entire country, bringing a slight temperature decrease, variable winds, cloudiness, and precipitation in the form of rain, sleet and snow, even heavy snowfalls in the south. The average daily air temperature was -4-60С, i.e. 2-80С below normal. On the warmest days it warmed up to +3-80С (up to 170С in Kherson region on March 16), and the lowest temperatures on cold nights were registered at -8-110С (even -160С in Sumy region and -180С in Kharkiv region).

At the moment, the height of snow cover varies within 12 to 17 cm in the west, south and the central part of Ukraine and reaches 50 cm in the north and east.

Winter crop plants are now dormant; their condition has not changed over the past week, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to the Ag Ministry, 98.6% of winter rape out of the sown 1009.7 Th ha had emerged by March 22. This includes 56.4% (561.6 Th ha) of rape crops in good condition. The loss rate equals 0.1% (1.2 Th ha).

376.7 Th ha of winter rape had been fertilized by March 22 that represents 37% of its planted area of 1009.7 Th ha. Still, 771 Th ha was fertilized a year ago (88% of the planted area).

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