Ukraine. Fertilized area of winter cereals currently three times smaller than a year ago


In most of the country, the soil was frozen to a depth of 16 to 35 cm as of March 21-23. The soil temperature at the tillering node depth of winter wheat stayed at -3-40С throughout last week. Taking into account the snow cover height, this temperature level poses no threat to plants, reports UkrAgroConsult.

A week ago, winter crops were on the brink of growth resumption in some southern, central and western areas of Ukraine. The plummeting of air temperatures to below-zero levels and their further decline fully stopped growth recovery in plants. This may have certain adverse impact on key protective functions of the plant organism.

According to the Agriculture Ministry, 2117.3 Th ha of winter cereals (29% of forecast) were fertilized by March 22, i.e. far less than at the same time last year (6174 Th ha, 88%).

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