Ukraine. Field ice crust became more compact


Agrometeorological conditions for overwintering of winter crops worsened in early February. A temperature increase to above-zero values along with rains and sleet on February 3-4 created preconditions for the development of tight ice crust on the ground in winter crops, reports UkrAgroConsult.

In some fields in Kyiv region, ice crust is 5 - 35 mm deep, covers 50-60% of the field area and has already been staying for 4-5 days. Tight ice crust that developed on January 14-15 still remains in so-called “saucers” (minor relief depressions). Its thickness is up to 50 mm. In the fields across Kharkiv region, the thickness of ice crust reaches 20 mm and its spread rate is estimated at 6 points. As a result, plants have frozen into ice in spots.

Test growing of winter wheat plants sown after black fallow and nonfallow spiked predecessors and sampled on January 25 showed that 95-98% of these plants are still viable, their plant stand is as dense as required. However, slight dieback of leaves (15-20%) is reported both in early and late seeded crops. Overall, winter cereals are in good and fair conditions.

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