Ukraine. Grain Alliance considers landbank increase to 110 thou. ha


Grain Alliance plans to increase its farmland bank to 90-110 thou. ha. This is informed by the CEO of Grain Alliance Yevgeny Radovenyuk in an interview with

“By to the legal base, we have about 56 thou. ha. Further expansion is necessary. However, it has certain limits — within 90-110 thou. ha. We see this as a long-term goal in order to have the necessary balance of grain. After all, future plans include the start of grain processing, the formation of an added value,” he says.

The CEO added that the company needs to be attractive to financial institutions that still look at the size of the landbank. Therefore, 90-110 thou. ha is a goal that the company sets for the future.

 “How fast can we achieve it? Again, it is the Swedish specificity. We do not drop the project in 3-5 years. An enterprise that has been investing for more than a century does not plan 5-7 years ahead. It sets plans for decades,” said Yevgeny Radovenyuk.

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