Ukraine. Grain crops condition


Weather conditions were favorable for winter and spring grain crop development in May-July. During the first week of July soil moisture reserves were satisfactory except for Western regions. Last week was rather hot with minor precipitations. Currently, a dry weather phenomenon is observed in some Southern, Eastern and Western regions.

Early spring crops are at the final stage of XI organogenesis phase. Forecasted productivity is 5-6.5 MT/ha. Their condition is mainly good. Grain ripening is observed in spring barley, and farmers of Steppe continue its harvesting. Heavy rains and strong winds in the Central regions caused lodging of spring barley.

Grain filling is seen in spring wheat with 17-21 spikelets formed in the head. Plants condition is good.

Depending on sowing terms and variety corn plants undergo tasseling-flowering of tassel stages, at early sown varieties – flowering of ear. Plants are 92-161 cm high and in the best sowings - 176-257 cm. Corn condition is mainly good.

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