Ukraine harvested 38.5 mln tonnes of grains


As of September 6, Ukrainian agrarians harvested 38.5 mln tonnes of grains throughout the areas of 9.9 mln ha, or 69% of the plan. The average yield totaled 3.9 t/ha, reported the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine. At the same time, on the same date last year the production volumes reached 37.4 mln tonnes.

In particular, agrarians started harvesting corn. As of the reporting date, Ukraine harvested 144 thsd tonnes of the grain throughout 37 thsd ha (1%). The average yield reached 3.9 t/ha.

Also, Ukraine harvested 109 thsd tonnes of buckwheat throughout 85 thsd ha (57%). The average yield totaled 1.28 t/ha. Agrarians harvested millet throughout 73 thsd ha (71%). The production volumes totaled 133 thsd tonnes, with the yield of 1.83 t/ha.

Agricultural enterprises of Ukraine harvested 909 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed throughout 470 thsd ha (8%), with the average yield of 1.93 t/ha. The forecast of sunflower seed areas totals 5.9 mln ha.

Ukraine continued harvesting soybeans. Agrarians harvested 205 thsd tonnes of the oilseed throughout the areas of 102 thsd ha (6%), with the average yield of 2.02 t/ha.

Also, agrarians planted winter rapeseed throughout 588 thsd ha, or 81% of the planned areas (in 2015 — 388 thsd ha).

Ukrainian agrarians prepared the soil for winter grains harvesting throughout 6.214 mln ha (77%).

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