Ukraine harvested more than 50% of sunflower


Ukrainian farmers continue to harvest sunflower. By September, 26 3160.6 Th ha had been threshed, or 53% of the planned area (5916.2 Th ha), which was 2% lower than record result over the same period last year (3227 Th ha). 6757.6 KMT was obtained with average yield – 2.14 mt/ha (in 2015 – 6619 KMT with yield - 2.05 mt/ha).

Soybeans had been harvested from 823.9 Th ha, which was 45% of the planned 1837 Th ha. 1739.1 KMT obtained with average yield - 2.11 mt/ha (in 2015 985 Th ha had been threshed and 1693 KMT obtained with average productivity – 1.72 mt/ha).

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