Ukraine. High air temperatures may reduce corn yield


Hot, dry weather dominated Ukraine on August 11-13. Rains in the form of local showers of various intensity, accompanied with squall wind and thunderstorm, occurred in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy and some western regions on August 15-16. Almost no precipitation was seen in the south, east and central parts of the country, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The average daily air temperature was 2.5-5.5°С above normal, at 19.3-26.3°С. The highest air temperature reached 27.2-34.0°С, even 31-36°С in the south, with the land surface heating to 57-64°С at the time. Air temperatures in cold nights dropped to 11-18°С, even to 8°С in Zhytomyr region.

Dry weather prevailing on most days improved the conditions for accelerated grain drying and harvesting early cereals and pulses in the western and northern regions. Over recent days, rains and high air temperatures have aggravated shriveling of grain and caused blackening of ears in unharvested cereals. Soil drought expanded in the southern, central and eastern regions dominated by high air temperatures and dryness. This adversely affects the completion of growth of late crops and hampers the accumulation of soil moisture for sowing 2019-harvest winter crops.

Corn crop surveys conducted by the Grain Farming Institute (Dnipropetrovsk region) indicate that plants of different maturity groups of ultra-early, optimal and late sowing dates are still at the stage of grain ripening (wax ripeness). However, high air temperatures may entail a decrease in corn yield, especially in late-seeded fields.

Head formation and seed ripening continue in sunflower plants. In spots across the southern and Dnipropetrovsk regions, sunseed has achieved harvest ripeness. Drooping of plants and yellowing of their lower leaves were reported in some areas. Soybean plants are at the stage of pod formation, even occasionally in the first phase of ripening in the east.

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