Ukraine. Hot weather slightly dried oilseeds


Last week weather conditions were hot with minor local precipitations. Sunflower plants continue to undergo flowering stage and in some regions – first stage of maturation. Head diameter is 15-19 cm, plants height - 141-217 cm.  Late sown varieties are at the beginning of head formation – flowering stage.

Sunflower conditions are mostly good and in some places satisfactory. In the West and Centre premature withering and yellowing of lower leaves is observed. In South-Western and Northern parts of Kherson region soil moisture stocks in 1m soil layer are in the range of 40-50 mm, and in the rest of the region no higher than 1-15 mm.

Soybean plants are at beans formation stage and 1 plant has formed 21-25 beans, with average length of 1 cm. Plants are 52 - 67 cm high. Crop condition is mostly good. Premature withering and yellowing of the lower leaves is observed.




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