Ukraine. Ice crust affected winter barley condition


Variable temperatures from February 11-20 have resulted in the formation of field ice crust. Despite such a situation in the fields, there is no significant loss of winter wheat and rape crops, while 15-30% of plants in underdeveloped winter barley crops have been winterkilled, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to the Agriculture Institute of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, test growing of winter cereal plants that had entered the winter in good condition showed viability of winter wheat currently at 83-92%, winter triticale at 90-95% and winter rye at 93-96% depending on the cultivar and predecessor. Plant viability in crops in fair condition is as follows: winter wheat – 75-85%, winter triticale – 77-85%, winter rye – 88-92%. The sugar content in tillering nodes of winter crops is 15-17%, i.e. insufficient and below the biologically normal level as for the current time of winter.

According to the Ag Ministry’s report as of February 16, winter grains had been planted on an area of 7172.6 Th ha and emerged on 6835.7 Th ha (95.3%). 37.4% (2555.5 Th ha) of the plantings were rated as good, 44.0% (3009.5 Th ha) as fair, 18.6% (1271.2 Th ha) as weak and sparse.

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