Ukraine. Importance of Dnieper River infrastructure development


US Army Corps of Engineers conducted a technical inspection of Ukrainian river transportation system on Dnieper and highly recommended the Ukrainian Government to implement new strategies of river transportation management, which would increase its efficiency. In general, both Dnieper and river transportation system are regarded as vital factors for further Ukrainian economy development.

First of all, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) experts noted critical technical conditions of Ukrainian Dnieper infrastructure due to years of significant underfunding. According to the report, none of the surveyed river gates (5, including Kiev, Kaniv, Kremenchuk, Kamensky, Zaporizhsky, Kakhovsky) can function properly. River infrastructure is under threat of destruction, and in some places the river system cannot be used for navigation. USACE estimated critical loads and identified high risk of systems’ failure, suggesting immediate repair to avoid emergencies. The works should be completed within the next 12-24 months.

Nevertheless, in Ukraine cargo transportation by river is gradually increasing, and grain for further exports is one of the major drivers.

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