Ukraine imported some 146 KMT of palm oil this 2016/17 season


Palm oil imports to Ukraine grew to 17.9 KMT in May of the current 2016/17 season that is almost 28% more than in the previous month (14 KMT) and up 51% from May 2016 (11.8 KMT). Overall, imports in the nine months of MY 2016/17 also outpaced last year. So, 145.7 KMT of palm oil was imported from September till May against 136.2 KMT a year earlier.

This season’s range of import sources embraces eight countries with the world’s top producers of palm oil – Malaysia and Indonesia – still being its largest exporters. The marketing year of 2016/17 features an expansion of Malaysian palm oil supplies to 123.3 KMT against 77.5 KMT a year ago. Correspondingly, Malaysia’s import share grew from 57% to 85%. A contrary trend is observed in the trade with Indonesia, whose sales to Ukraine fell from 48.2 KMT to 21.1 KMT, i.e. the country’s market share shrank from 35% to 14.5%.





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