Ukraine. Improved condition of winter cereals


The weather in early April was primarily moderately warm for this time of year; precipitation occurred on most days. Only the last two days of the week saw some temperature decrease.  Precipitation of various intensities (2 to 13 mm) occurred almost all over the country, except for the south, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to the results of a survey of winter cereal crops, their condition is much better than at the time of growth resumption. At the same time, sharp swings between daytime and night temperatures along with sunlight shortage during the recent dull days slowed down winter crops’ growth to some degree.

Winter wheat is at the 3rd stage of plant organogenesis (tillering).

The Ag Ministry says, 7065.4 Th ha (99%) of winter cereals have been fertilized by April 7 (6661.0 Th ha (96%) at the same time last year), including 6029.0 Th ha (99%) of wheat, 166.9 Th ha (99%) of rye and 869.6 Th ha (99%) of barley.

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