Ukraine increased pea exports by 77%


Pea exports from Ukraine traditionally turned down in November, but they nevertheless were much higher than in past years. Ukraine exported some 22.6 KMT of peas in November 2017, or 40% more than during the same month in 2016 (16.1 KMT), reports UkrAgroConsult.

77% more peas were exported from Ukraine for the first five months in the 2017/18 season than at the same time a year ago: 475.1 KMT against 268.4 KMT in July-November 2016/17.

Traditionally, India was still the largest end market for Ukrainian peas at the time. Its export share equaled 41%. In the first five months of the current season, Ukraine already supplied 16% more peas to the Indian market than for the whole last season (194.2 KMT). The second top importer was Turkey, which purchased 100.5 KMT (up 64% year-on-year).

Growing demand is reported from the European Union, too. EU countries imported 35.7 KMT of peas from Ukraine in the above-mentioned period, or already 69% more than for the whole last season. Among EU countries, the top buyer of Ukrainian peas is the Netherlands, which has absorbed roughly 70% of their total shipped to the EU this season.



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