Ukraine. Insufficient soil moisture content for planting winter crops


August’s abnormal heat gave place to diverse weather conditions in early September, which had the following features. The average daily air temperature was 4-6°С below normal and 2-3°С below normal in the west and north of the country.  It ranged from 15-16°С in the north-west to 19-22°С in the south-east of Ukraine. The soil surface cooled down to 2-9°С at cold nights.

Rain of various intensities occurred everywhere, but they were very unevenly distributed over the country, being below normal in many regions, reports UkrAgroConsult. Most of Zakarpattia, Odesa regions and some parts of Kherson, Zaporizhia and Cherkasy regions received no precipitation or its rates were no higher than 1-4 mm.

Compared to last year, soil moisture content in most areas intended for winter crops was considerably lower in the eastern and central regions of the country and higher in its west and north.

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