Ukraine is to export unparalleled grain volume in 2016/17


(From the XXII International Conference, Moscow, September 7, 2016)

grain crop

In 2016 Ukraine will obtain record high grain crop. Basic crops will be wheat and corn. Along with this, we should mention growth in peas crop and record low crop of rye.

In 2016 Ukraine will obtain record high grain crop

Quality of wheat will be quite better than last year: about 55% of the crop will be of milling quality grain.

milling quality grain

Due to the high crop at the background of decreasing domestic consumption, we expect the growth in the export potential to the unparalleled level – 40.7 MMT. Though, wheat exports will be lower, but barley and corn exports will go up compared to the previous season.

export potential of grain crop

Constant modernization of the available port capacities and launching of the new handling complexes will allow Ukraine to ship growing export potential of grain crops.



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