Ukraine. January frosts had no adverse impact on winter rapeseed crops


Early-January weather in Ukraine featured alternating warm and cold air masses that in turn led to contrasting temperatures. The average air temperature all over Ukraine was within a range from +0.2°C to -3.1°C. Precipitation rates were within 0-4 mm. Winter crops were covered with 1 to 15 cm of snow. Temperatures dropped substantially toward December 10. Abundant snowfalls increased snow cover to 5-15 cm in the west of the country and 25-30 cm in the northeast. Winter rape is dormant.

According to the Ag Ministry, winter rape plantings totaled 899.2 Th ha as of January 5. It had emerged on an area of 833.1 Th ha (92.6%). About 43% of rapeseed crops are in good condition, informs UkrAgroConsult.

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