Ukraine. January’s cold snap did not damage winter rape


The end of January and the beginning of February featured partly cloudy weather with rapidly changing average air temperatures and minor precipitation on some days. It became warmer in late January. On January 30, the average air temperature ranged from -60С to +20С, i.e. it was 1-90С above the long-term average. During the last ten days of January, air temperatures peaked at +2-100С and bottomed out at 4-200С below freezing. Precipitation in the form of sleet and rain occurred almost all over the country. Its rates varied from 3.2 mm to 61.0 mm.

The January 24-26 drop in air temperature to 15-200С below freezing caused no significant damage to normally developed winter crops covered with snow. At the moment, crops are mostly in good and fair condition. At the same time, noteworthy is a fall in the content of soluble carbohydrates (sugars) in the tillering nodes of plants. This points to a decrease in hardiness of plants and a drop in their energy reserves. Winter crops are now deeply dormant, and sugar consumption in tillering nodes is nearly always minimal at this state, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to the Ag Ministry, winter rape has emerged on 98.6% of the planted 1009.8 Th ha. This includes 57.4% (571.3 Th ha) in good condition.

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