Ukraine. Kopernik share in Astarta-Kyiv exceeded 5 pct


Kopernik Global Investors LLC increased shareholding in Astarta Holding N.V. to 5.04 pct.

On 14th February 2019, in the result of the purchase transaction of 12 947 shares in the share capital of Astarta, Kopernik's direct share in the share capital of the company and in the total number of votes at the company's general meeting increased and exceeded 5 pct.

Following the transaction, Kopernik holds directly 1 258 895 shares in the company.

Note: the number of registered shares of Astarta-Kyiv is 25 million.

Previously the company informed about a preliminary agreement on the acquisition of a modern grain silo in Khmelnitsky region as a part of extended 3-years investment grain infrastructure program.

Kopernik Global Investors invests in public equity markets across the globe. It invests in value stocks of companies across all market capitalizations in diversified sectors.


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