Ukraine. Large companies continue investing into port infrastructure


Risoil terminal to expand storage capacity

Risoil continues to invest in the terminal development. Next year, the construction of storage bins for another 150 thousand m3 of grain will be completed at the joint venture Risoil Terminal. This year, the company began to build a new gallery, and a new ship-loading machine NEUERO will be installed. Today, the facilities allow handling approximately 2 MMT of grain and 1.5 MMT of liquid cargo per year, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Nibulon to build a river port

"Nibulon" intends to implement a project for construction of a river port on the Dneprovsky Liman in Belozersky District in Kherson region. General Director of Nibulon, Alexey Vadatursky, said that construction of the port will last nearly 5 years, while the investments are going to reach USD 400 million.

As a reminder, during the next two years, the company plans to reorient almost all cargo to Dnieper and increase transportation by river to 4 MMT.

Kernel is almost ready to launch Transgrain Terminal

In January 2019, “Kernel” plans to launch the first stage of a new grain terminal in the “Chernomorsk” seaport, which will allow handling up to 1 MMT grain per year.

The opening is scheduled for autumn 2019, after which terminal capacities will grow by 3 MMT. This will increase total annual capacity of the company’s facilities in the port to 8 MMT.

More information on grain handling capacities in ports is available in the new advanced study “Ukraine. Ports Grain-Handling Facilities”. This up-to-date study will provide additional support to potential investors for own market analysis and strategic development of the company.




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