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Allseeds increases vegetable oils storage capacity in Yuzhny port

The group of companies Allseeds completes a construction of oil storage tanks on the site of its vegetable oil terminal in Yuzhny port, bringing the total capacity to 132 KMT. An increase in storage capacity will allow loading of 1.3 KMT of oil per hour or a 50 KMT tanker in 40 hours. Allseeds plans to increase the storage capacity to 200 KMT in the near future, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Berdiansk Commercial Sea Port expands grain handling capacity

The State Enterprise "Berdiansk Commercial Sea Port" upgraded its material and technical base and introduced a new technology for grain handling. The state port operator purchased two ship loaders, one of which is already working. The new equipment allows loading about 300 MT of grain per hour. It is noted that the introduction of new technologies should provide stable work to Berdiansk dock workers with traditional for this region cargo - grain.

Concept of high-speed railway China-Ukraine-Europe presented in Kiev

The Association "High Speed Highways" proposes to build a high-speed railway from China to Europe through Ukraine. The project involves creation of an alternative New Silk Road from China to Europe. The highway will connect the PRC with 7 countries - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Poland, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The track’s width along the entire route should correspond to Chinese standard, that is 1435 mm, and the speed of trains should exceed 250 km/h. Total length of the railway corridor should be 5100 km (excluding sea segments), which is 200 km shorter than the Eurasian land bridge (China-Kazakhstan-Russia-Belarus-Poland), through which containers from China reach the European Union.

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