Ukraine. Logistics remains in focus of grain business


Trader community meetings with representatives of state bodies (Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukrainian Railways, Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and others) continue for discussion of the situation on railway transportation market, in particular, distribution of grain hoppers, reports UkrAgroConsult.

If 3-4 years ago, exactly handling capacities shortage in ports was the bottleneck for grain exports, then now the problem shifted to domestic transportation and grain delivery to port terminals. Compared to last year, grain transportation by railroad was improved, due to dispatch routes optimization, growth of rail cars turnover and new approaches to agricultural cargo transportation.

Nevertheless, traders focus attention of both participants and regulators of supply chain on the fact that hopes for high efficiency of current grain hopper distribution system are not always justified. Its improvement would make it possible to reduce the cost of logistic component and increase grain business profitability significantly. Accumulated data on problems in this area requires generalization and analysis for making appropriate decisions to ensure rhythmic grain delivery to recipients.



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