Ukraine. Lush above-ground biomass of rape endangers its winter survival


The period of November 21-23 featured cool weather with minor precipitation. Average daily temperatures were close to normal or 1.6-5.1°C higher. Precipitation of various intensities was seen in the eastern and central regions. As of November 18, productive soil moisture available to winter crops after various predecessors was at an optimum level, amounting mostly to 33-41 mm in topsoil and 90-185 mm in one-meter layer, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Winter rape formed 2 to 14 leaves per plant, depending on the sowing date. Where sown early and at the first half of the optimum period, its crops are significantly developed, have lush above-ground biomass and plant height consequently reaches 2-4 cm above the ground surface that may deteriorate winter survival conditions for rape.

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