Ukraine may join the top 8 soybean exporters in 2018/19


In 2018/19, Ukraine may join the top 8 soybean exporters. Such a projection was shared by Karen Braun, Global Agriculture Columnist at Thomson Reuters, in Twitter.

She noted that Brazil would dominate soybean exports in 2018/19 with a 25% market share. China and the European Union will remain the largest importers of soybeans.


Projected global soybean trade in 2018/19

Brazil, USA, Paraguay, Canada and Argentina will share 95% of the world’s soybean exports. They will be followed by Ukraine, Uruguay and Russia.

China will account for 59% of imports (smallest share in 8 years).

As reported earlier, China made its first major purchases of U.S. soybeans after a trade war truce had been called.


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