Ukraine. Moisture shortages may affect sunseed and soybean yields


The weather conditions somewhat differed by region toward July 20, ranging from dry heat in the south to cool temperatures and downpours in the north. In most of the country, the average daily air temperature was 0.5-3.40С below normal, but it became 2.2-3.50С above normal after July 18. Air temperatures peaked at 27-320С and bottomed out at 8.6-19.00С. Precipitation occurrences were registered during 1-2 days, but they were unevenly distributed over the country. So, Kherson region got no precipitation at all, while showers occurred in Dnipropetrovsk region, though with insignificant rates (2-7 mm). Zhytomyr region saw brief rains with precipitation rates of over 15 mm, and Western Ukraine got 8.6 mm (26% of normal).

As a whole, the weather was unfavorable for soybean and sunseed yield formation, primarily because of poor moisture content in the 0.5-m soil layer.

Sunflower crops are at the blooming stage. Their condition is mostly good, locally fair. In some areas, sunflower plants are damaged by pest bugs (weevils). In addition, premature yellowing of lower layer leaves and daytime droop of upper layer leaves are observed because of soil drought.   

Soya plants are at the stage of bean formation. They have formed on average 29 beans per each. The plant height was 48-67 cm. Soya crop condition is fair.



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