Ukraine. Most winter crop plantings will survive the winter without loss


Cold arctic air that brought a sharp and substantial drop in temperature was the main feature of the time period between February 23 and March 2. The mean daily air temperatures varied from 1.90С to 14.60С below freezing that was down 2-100С from the long-term average of -3.60С. The maximum air temperature was registered at 0-20С below freezing (Kherson, Kirovohrad regions), while the minimum one hit 21.1-22.40С below freezing (Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia regions). Difficult weather conditions were observed this past week: strong wind, snowstorms with visibility reduction to 400-500 m, snow drifts, wind gusts of up to 9-14 m/s (occasionally 17 m/s). Ultimately, snow cover was established all over the country. Depending on the region, its height ranged from 2 to 45 cm, even drifts of up to 60-70 cm high were seen in some areas, reports UkrAgroConsult.

At the same time, according to the Kirovohrad State Experimental Agricultural Station of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the soil in the north-east of the region, where covered with at most 1 cm (or no) snow, cooled to -130С at the 3-cm depth while the air temperature fell to -15-200С. In other words, it was close to the killing point for winter wheat and reached or even exceeded that for winter barley and rape. However, multi-year observations indicate that, to get winter-killed in snow-free conditions, plants are to be exposed to killing temperatures for at least 4-10 days. So, there is every reason to claim that the overwhelming majority of crops, in particular winter wheat, will overcome the winter season without loss.

At the moment, winter cereals are dormant and their condition is rated good and fair.

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