Ukraine. NIBULON launched seventh non-self-propelled B2000 Project vessel


NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard says it launched the seventh non-self-propelled B2000 project vessel intended for operation on the Southern Buh River almost after solemn launching of the 121M modernized project tug Nodari Chanturiia, the last tug of the series of three ones.

According to the shipyard’s director Dmytro Horbenko, Liudmyla Skarzhynets, a young, responsible and promising specialist of the painting and insulation workshop became a godmother of the vessel that was launched to the applause of NIBULON’s shipbuilders. She has been working at NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard for more than two years.

The dimensions of the B2000 project vessels are the following: length – 71.7 m; breadth – 17 m; depth – 3.3 m; draught loaded – 2.25 m; draught light –1.8 m; displacement – 2,515 t; cargo hold capacity – 2,850 m3; number of holds – 1; the navigation area is inland waterways of Ukraine, in particular the Southern Buh River. Revival of this river became possible thanks to dredging operations performed by NIBULON at its own expense.

The construction of this series of vessels was started at the end of last spring and will have been completed by September 2017; at that time NIBULON's shipping company will number 8 vessels of the series. At present, NIBULON's shipbuilders are actively working on the last B2000 project vessel: they finish cutting steel, have produced 60% of sections, have assembled units No. 7, 8, 9 and 10. The launching is planned for August 2017.

One cargo trip of the non-self-propelled B2000 project vessel enables one to transport up to 2,000 tons of grain. Given the fact that these vessels operate with the 121 project tugs, a convoy of the 121 project tug and two non-self-propelled B2000 project vessel transports up to 4 thousand tons of grain per one cargo trip. It's equal to 160 trucks removed from highways of Mykolaiv region and contributes to the improvement of the environment (due to a significant reduction in combustion products emissions to the atmosphere).

During the 2017 navigation season NIBULON's shipping company has transported more than 500 thousand tons of grain along rivers; it means that the number of trucks on the highways has been reduced by more than 20 thousand units. The company plans to transport up to 4 million tons of grain along the rivers.

NIBULON's shipbuilders continue to increase the number of units of the company's new cargo fleet. In addition to the series of the 121M project tugs and the non-self-propelled B2000 project vessels, in 2017-2022 NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard will launch 2 multipurpose seagoing tugs of 3500 hp and 5000 hp, a unique non-self-propelled П38 grain loader, twenty-four non-self-propelled B5000 project vessels, a self-propelled floating crane with the capacity to store 10 thousand tons, a high-capacity self-propelled СДС15 dredger that will both crash rocks and dredge at the depth up to 15 m; the project also provides for a sludge pipe of 1.5 km.

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