Ukraine. October’s cold-spell slowed down growth of late-sown winter crops


Moderately warm, variably cloudy weather was observed on October 11-20. Air temperatures were 2-6°С above normal for this time, even 8-10°С above normal on the warmest days. They peaked at +18-24°С on warm days and bottomed out at +5-8°С in most of the country on cold nights.

In October, brief mild night frosts suspended growth of winter crops, but they did not damage plants, reports UkrAgroConsult.

In these conditions, all winter crops planted on October 8-10 have emerged. Those planted in September have started tillering. Owing to good soil moisture supply, the seedlings are even, have a normal density and look healthy. At the same time, due to later planting dates and heat shortages, the plant development lags 1.5-2 weeks behind the long-term average. This delay will decrease after October 20 as air temperature will grow.

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