Ukraine. Oliyar launched new oilseed crushing facilities


Oliyar Company has opened new facilities at an oil extractor in the village of Stavchany, Lviv region, the regional state administration reports.

EUR 4 Ml was invested in the plant’s reconstruction and upgrade. In particular, they installed modern equipment of world-renowned manufacturers, which is distinguished for its energy efficiency and high environmental friendliness.

A 34,400 m3 oilseed elevator operates at the new facility.

Now the plant is capable of making 300 MT of refined oil a day.

The company is the third largest producer of refined sunoil in Ukraine, reports UkrAgroConsult.  It comprises an oil extraction plant and an oil refining and deodorizing plant. Oliyar crushes sunseed, soybeans and rapeseed, producing sunoil, soybean oil, rape oil, as well as sunmeal, soybean meal and rape meal. Each day, the company’s production facilities can process 1200 MT of sunseed, 880 MT of soybeans, and 1000 MT of rapeseed. Oliyar cooperates with major Ukrainian and European networks that want to pack the company’s product under own brands (private labels).



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