Ukraine. Over 80% of winter rapeseed crops are in good and fair condition


During February 11-17 the weather was characterized by variable air temperatures, precipitation of various intensities and icy conditions. The average air temperature fluctuated within -3.1°C…-14°C. Maximum air temperature reached +1-3°C in the western and eastern regions, while the minimum temperature decreased to -20°C in Kharkiv region. The depth of soil freezing was 20-35 cm in most of Ukrainian regions, while in the South it reached 48-51 cm. Snow depths varied within 10-40 cm in the eastern and northern regions. Almost no snow is left in the fields in Kherson, Odesa and Mykolaiv regions.

At the same time, according to the Irrigated Farming Institute of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, snow melting on the frozen soil has resulted in the accumulation of water in field depressions. The February 8-10 temperature slump led to the development of 1-5 mm-thick ice crust in winter crops, which still persists in some fields. However, the state of winter rape causes no concern, UkrAgroConsult notes.

According to the Ag Ministry’s information, as of February 16, winter rapeseed had been planted on an area of 899.2 Th ha and emerged on 859.9 Th ha (95.6%). 40.5% of its crops were in good condition, 39.9% were fair. 0.2% of winter rape plantings had been lost.



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