Ukraine. Plant development of winter cereals lags behind last year


The agrometeorological conditions on October 21-27 were favorable for planted winter crops in most of the country. They were supplied with sufficient and optimum amounts of soil moisture and nearly optimum air temperatures for their initial growth and development, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Rapid build-up of effective warmth gave a boost to plant growth and contributed to rapid grain germination, emergence and the start of tillering. These conditions were extremely important, since more than half of this year’s acreage was seeded to winter crops after climatically grounded optimum time. According to estimates, the plant development of winter crops lagged 1.5-3 weeks behind the average pace as of October 25.

Winter wheat sown after non-fallow predecessors is less developed than that placed after weed-free fallow. So, wheat plants of early planting terms (September 5) are 14-16-cm tall and have 2-3 tillers each. In winter crops planted on September 25 these values equal 12-14 cm and three leaves, respectively, while those planted on October 2 have the respective indicators at 10-12 cm and two leaves. Winter wheat sown on October 10 is now at full emergence and its plants are 3-4-cm tall.



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