Ukraine. Profitability of soybean production recovers


The current 2016/17 soybean season is completely different from the past one, except for the fact that Ukraine is unlikely to obtain soybean crop higher than 4 MMT again.

Each marketing year has its own characteristic features. The 2016/17 soybean season can be characterized by the following:

1. Planted area reduction due to low production profitability in the last 2015/16 season. UkrAgroConsult estimated profitability at 30%;

2. Soybean harvesting delay compared to last season, because of record large sunflower area;

3. High soybean humidity and losses caused by rainy weather, especially at the end of harvesting campaign.

Given all these factors, UkrAgroConsult expects soybean production to reach 4 MMT in 2016. As a reminder, a bit earlier the estimate was more optimistic (4.3 MMT). A 18% increase in soybean average yields owing to favorable weather during plants development, will not be able to offset the reduction of planted area and losses.

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