Ukraine. Prospects of oilseed production in 2017/18 season


The interest in oilseeds growing has strengthened considerably over the last decade. As a result, plantings for MY 2016/17 expanded to 8.9 Ml ha against 6.3 Ml ha in MY 2007/08. As sunseed is the most remunerable oilseed, exactly sunflower accounts for 65-70% of planted acreage, and its share will reach 71% in the current marketing year.

Over the last years, up till MY 2015/16, rapeseed planted areas shrank in favor of soybeans. Then, in MY 2016/17, farmers reduced soybean plantings, too – this allowed them to increase sunflower acreage to a record 6.3 Ml ha.

According to Svetlana Kupreeva, analyst of UkrAgroConsult, oilseed sowings to further expand next season. This will happen primarily due to an increase in rape sown acreage and good condition of rape plants when entering the winter. Sunflower crops will partially depend on winter survival by rape, but they will anyway stay at a high level.

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