Ukraine. «Radekhivskyi Sugar» introduces American technology for long-term storage of sugar beet


«Radekhivskyi Sugar» LLC has started new project on long-term storage of sugar beet.  It is reported by press-service of the company.

The company adopts the experience of American sugar producers, who have been deducing this technology for a long time. Currently, they have managed to extend sugar beet processing season up to 10 months. For comparison, the average duration of the processing season in Ukraine reaches 4 months.

This year Chortkiv Production Unit has been conducting an experiment on medium-term storage of beet. For comparison, sugar beets were clamped in two piles. One — with active aeration, another — without it. Beet pile without aeration began to warm up and lose condition after 8 days. Instead, in aerated beet pile the raw materials were stored for half a month without self-heating and destruction.

The experiment is successful. The company will continue to work on the project. In a few years it is planned to extend the sugar beet processing season from four to seven months.


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