Ukraine. Rains replenished soil moisture stocks


Last week weather pattern changed and air temperature lowered by 7-10°С after hot and dry period. Rains were observed everywhere, though their distribution was uneven. In the North, East and Center of Ukraine there were 5-15 mm of precipitations. In the West and South rains were seen locally and their quantity was no more than 3 mm, which did not influence condition of plants.

Early sown varieties of sunflower in Steppe zone finish the crop formation. Sowings of optimal and early seeding terms are at maturation stage. Sunflower head is 15-20 cm in size; plants` height varies within 143-218 cm. At the later sown varieties head formation stage is observed and beginning of flowering. Crops condition is mostly good and satisfactory. .

Soybean plants continue to form beans. 1 plant formed 21 - 37 beans which are 1 cm long depending on variety. Plants condition is mainly satisfactory, though premature withering and yellowing of bottom leaves is observed.

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