Ukraine. Rains replenished soil moisture stocks


Early in September intensive rains were observed all over the Ukrainian territory. In the Kherson region abundant rains were seen with lightning in some places. Total daily precipitation quantity in the region amounted to 49 mm. Such weather conditions were favorable for accumulation of soil moisture, so moisture stocks in the plow-soil layer grew by 10-30 mm almost everywhere throughout the region`s territory, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Abundant rains were seen on September, 20 in the Southern parts of the region amounting to 20-22 mm, or 175 - 190% of the 10-day norm. In some places of Central, South-Western and Eastern parts of the region precipitation amount equaled 50 - 82% of the 10-day norm. At the rest of the region`s territory their amount did not exceed 2 mm, or 14 - 20% of the 10-day norm.

Last week soil surface freezing was observed in Kharkov region, though rains were absent on the major part of the region.

Rains impeded sowing works. Farms, which delayed sowing due to the lack of soil moisture, can continue sowing after upper soil layer gets dry from the rains.

Harvesting pace was also impeded by the rains. This may lead to a longer stay of mature plants in the fields and high moisture content in the grain can cause disease damages.

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